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Buffing Wheels

Specialty Items

In addition to sewn and bias airway buffs, Matchless also offers a number of speciality constructions and products, including:

  • Polishing Wheels – may be used with the glue and abrasive of your choice, both of which we also offer
  • Razor Buffs – popular in the jewelry trade, these items have a very thin face, pin-hole arbors, and smaller diameters
  • Pieced Buffs – economical buffs where cost trumps finish quality
  • Belly Pads – Protective apron worn by buffing operators for cleanliness and protection
  • Flanges – a must item for safe and secure mounting of buffs on arbors
  • Rakefillers (buffing wheel rakes) – used to clean buffs of dried compound and product residue, as well as to “true-up” and restore the face of the buff


Download the buffing wheels brochure

specialty items
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