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Buffing Wheels

Bias buff wheel

Contact Wheels

For those applications which utilize abrasive belts, Matchless offers two different contact wheels. One is the Perfect Finish Contact Wheel, which is of cloth construction, and secondly, the Diamond Crosscut Contact Wheel, of rubber construction.

Perfect Finish Contact Wheel

The Perfect Finish Contact Wheel is constructed of solid, sewn cloth sections which are glued together to form facings up to 6" in width; diameters are typically between 6" and 16". The wheel may be specified in varying levels of density. This construction provides a sturdy, long-wearing support system in those applications with minimal contours and recessed surfaces.

The Diamond Crosscut Contact Wheel
Bias buff wheel group

The Diamond Crosscut Contact Wheel (DCCW), on the other hand, is an excellent choice when the work piece is more demanding, with sharp contours and angular features. The DCCW is constructed of durable folded rubber discs which allows the belt to run cooler and flex without wandering, thereby allowing easier contour finishing. These features both extend belt life and improve operator efficiency – these belts invariably pay for themselves in very short order. The DCCW is available in 6" to 18" diameters, with facings from 1-1/2" to 6", and in densities from soft to firm.

DCCW Features and Benefits
  • Increases belt life up to 150%
  • Improves abrasive belt performance
  • Pliable, yet solid cushion face allows faster stock removal than conventional contact wheels
  • Reduces grinding time
  • Permits finer belts to be used, producing more uniform scratch patterns


Download the contact wheels data sheet

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