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Buffing Compounds

Matchless' line up of cut, color, and cut/color polishing compound formulations is second to none; over the years we have developed and refined thousands of bar and liquid formulations. These compounds are used by manufacturers throughout the world to finish metals, precious metals, plastic, acrylic, wood and fiberglass.

To serve the medical and dental industries requirements, our compounds are all available in bovine free grades. As every customer's needs are different, our compounds can be tailored to your specific requirements.

All buffing compounds are comprised of abrasive particles and a binding agent. By varying these components, and selectively adding agents to aid in lubricity, color clean-up and shelf life, all manner of manufactured products can be finished.

In operation since 1885, The Matchless Metal Polish Company has been able to develop proven formulations to serve our customers' requirements. These time tested and more popular compounds are grouped below by category.

Compound for Steel

Steel & Stainless Steel Buffing Compounds

These compounds are typically made with aluminum oxides, alumina and rouges to achieve the desired cut, color or combination of the two. They are generally made to be used with cloth and sisal combination buffs, or with mill treat bias airway buffs. Some of the more popular compounds are:

Solid Bar Compounds
SS9-105 9 6 Black Heavy cut - good on sisal
V533 7 7 Black Good intermediate
11B88 7 4 Gray Works with cloth or sisal
11B81 7 8 Olive green Less cut, more color
V410 7 7 Gray Cut, good with cloth/sisal
1B97P 4 8 White Good intermediate
V509 3 8 Gray "Graystar" - light cut, clear finish
Liquid Compounds
208 9 1 White Coarse cut, heavy stock removal
SC-422 8 2 Gray Satin finish to Mirror
11C64 7 7 White  
SC-432 6 6 White  

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All products manufactured in the USA Industry and Association Membership ccai ima acs nam nasf sme