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Buffing, polishing and finishing compounds for a wide range of materials and industries

Cleaning Compounds, Polishing for Medical Equipment Industry

Medical Equipment / Prostheses

Over the past decade, Matchless has worked with the world's major suppliers of implants and prostheses to deliver a full line of bovine/animal free compounds. These vegetable based compounds offer the same range and required quality as traditional compounds, and have been approved for use by the manufacturers of medical and dental prostheses and equipment. Also, Matchless provides cleaners designed for the stringent requirements of the medical community.

Polishing, Buffing Compounds for Jewelry Industry


Matchless offers a complete selection of jeweler's buffs in a wide range of sizes, thicknesses and sewing. An equally comprehensive offering of compounds, suitable for virtually every precious metal, is available in rounds or bars ranging from ¼ lb. to 2 lbs. For the 130 plus years Matchless has been in business, jewelers have demanded – and received – quality products to enhance the beauty and luster of their designs.

Further, Matchless has now added cleaner chemistries to spotlessly remove all residues and material from jewelry work. These cleaners are designed for use in ultrasonic cleaners as well as larger capacity cleaning tanks.

Cookware and Cutlery

Cookware & Cutlery

This is a market which has steadily moved upscale as consumers increasingly demand a product which looks as good as it performs. Once again, Matchless has worked with some the world's renowned trade names to deliver finishing systems which help sell the product to a discerning customer. These finishing systems include buffing compounds, buffing wheels, and chemical cleaners to continuously deliver a flawless finish.

Musical Instruments Polishing and Cleaning

Musical Instruments

For obvious reasons, musical instruments require a pristine appearance – and Matchless products deliver one. For brass instruments, Matchless offers the industry's preferred compound, Burns Red Rouge. This rouge provides a rich, warm tone to brass, and the quality of included abrasives precludes any undesirable scratching or pitting of the metal. Other rouges available include green, white, black, orange and yellow.

Additionally, Matchless now offers products designed for wood construction instruments. These compounds are liquid based solutions with the finest uniform abrasives to enable the cleaning and restoration of the luster of these instruments.

Hardware, Door and Decorative Cleaning Compound

Hardware – Door and Decorative

These items cover a wide range of sizes, shapes and materials. Common metals used include brass and zinc, with finishes ranging from a smooth polish to a brushed nickel look. Matchless has a wide offering of time tested bar and liquid compounds, as well as buffing wheels, to serve this market.

Buffing and Polishing Plumbing Fixtures

Plumbing Fixtures

Similar to door and decorative hardware, the materials used in these fixtures continues to move with market trends. Where polished chrome was once the standard, the market has shifted to the brushed nickel look so popular today. Matchless offers solutions for these changing tastes, and continues to work with manufacturers to provide fresh new looks for evolving consumer tastes.

Automotive and Truck Industries Buffing Compounds

Automotive and Truck Industries

Historically, the automotive and truck manufacturers were substantial users of buffing compounds and buffing wheels, especially for the finishing of chrome components and decorative components on the vehicles. Today, the requirement has evolved into an emphasis on Matchless's chemistry division, which supplies cleaners and rust inhibitors to clean and prep a myriad of components "under the hood" – engine and transmission parts, and all manner of smaller parts throughout the car.

Another segment served by Matchless is OEM and after-market finishing systems to finish truck wheels. Professional drivers demand and expect a quality appearance for their rigs, and Matchless delivers!

Polishing and Buffing Compounds for Motorcycles


Obviously, motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy a great looking bike, and will only settle for the best possible appearance of their machines. Matchless has the right compounds and buffing wheels to deliver a great finish, especially on the most intricate and challenging chrome bike parts. Steel and stainless steel compounds are perfect for other bike parts.

The industries cited here are only a limited sample of the materials and industries served — applications are basically unlimited.

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