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Buffing Compounds

Compound for Steel

Nonferrous and Tripoli Buffing Compounds

For the nonferrous requirement, Matchless offers a wide variety of abrasive products from classic Tripoli to calcined aluminum oxides and alumina, with varying degrees of cut and color. These compounds can be used for a wide range of materials and requirements. More popular compounds include:

Solid Bar Compounds
4E80 7 4 Brown Sticks well to buffs; greasy
751EZ 6 6 Red/Brown Good all around non ferrous
41 SPEC 5 8 Tan Dry, with coloring agent
921 4 7 White Clean, high color
Z250 3 8 Pale green Fine cut, great for chrome, nickel
HF1 3 7 White A customer favorite
8B56 Blue 3 7 Blue Easy clean
Liquid Compounds
7A432 8 5 Brown Sharp cut for nonferrous
7A54XX 6 5 Brown Normal cut/color blend
VL391/1 3 7 Pale Green Fine cut, higher color
ZL250 3 8 Pale Green Fine cut, great color

Indicates this item is a Matchless customer favorite


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