Specialty Chemistry - Industrial Parts Cleaning

Here is a small example of these products:

Rinse Aid RA-55

A low foaming liquid material added to rinse water to reduce the contact angle of water, provide wetting and rapid drainage on the parts coming from an aqueous processing system in order to obtain spot free drying on metal parts, plated parts, plastic and glass. It can be also be added to cleaning tanks to improve cleaning and rinsing.

Defoamer DF-635

An anti-foaming/defoaming agent for alkaline cleaners, heavy duty detergents, and synthetic and semi synthetic lubricants. DF-635 is for tank side additions to control, minimize or eliminate foaming. It is completely dispersible in water and imparts fast knock down of foam with good persistence. It has excellent compatibility within water treatment, wastewater, and effluent treatment systems.

Auto Scrub 503

A low foaming, heavy duty, floor cleaner. It is a uniform, concentrated, balanced blend of non-ionic and anionic surfactants and detergent builders. It is designed for use in mechanical scrubbing machines and hand mopping operations for the removal of oils, grease, and other shop soils from concrete and wooden block construction factory floors. It is also safely and effectively used in washing down outside machine surfaces or other hard cleaning applications.

Abrasive Belt Lubricant BD-45

A liquid lubricant used for keeping metal working abrasive belts cool and free of metal particle buildup which cuts down on belt life. By applying BD-45 to the abrasive belt it extends the belt life by up to three times as much as a dry application.